28 avril 2009

The Movement of Moroccan Democrats Living Abroad (MMDLA)

Introductory Note

The MMDLA is an initiative within the civil society environment that consists of several stakeholders from the NGO, political, intellectual and business circles among the Moroccan Community living in various parts of the world. Their common objective is to establish a democratic and modern institutional mechanism that unifies the ranks of the Moroccan Community, with all its diversity; it aims at defending its vital interests and to be a real powerhouse that promotes democratic initiatives within the community but also to accompany the ongoing democratic transformation in Morocco
It is, based on this premise, far from any form of exclusion or snubbing of the Community’s concerns that we are undertaking, as a Movement, to create a viable democratic momentum; this movement constitutes a mechanism to challenge all the plots that have been fomented or are being fomented against the Moroccan Community.
Our reliance on democracy and on democrats stems from our principles and conviction that leads us to acknowledge the right to differ and to use democratic practices for any type of representation involving the Moroccan Community, including the Moroccan Council for Moroccans Abroad, the Social and Economic Council as well as all their affiliated bodies . Our objective is to weave new links of reciprocal trust between the Moroccans abroad and the relevant State institutions.
We wish to notify that we are not about to create a political party for the Moroccans abroad; we are not establishing our movement either, to take sides with one political tendency or another. On the contrary, we consider ourselves as independent democrats, motivated by the concerns related to immigration, to the future of our country, within the framework of the supreme national value system, clear from any empty rhetoric, since our forum is not copying any past experience that the Moroccan Civil Society has witnessed before.

What pulls us together, is the will to re-structure a portion of the Moroccan people that has been squeezed between the hammer of marginalization and the anvil of extremism and discrimination; we aim at realizing our demands that are as precise as they are legitimate and urgent; among those demands, we mention the following as a matter of illustration, rather than trying to be exhaustive:
· The election of a Council for the Community in a democratic and transparent manner before 2010.
· The representation of the Moroccan Community in the Social and Economic Council
· Free transport of the corpses to be buried in their home country, as is the case for the Bangladeshi and Tunisian communities
· Further promotion of the real role of the ‘Al Amal Bank’
· Renewal of the Board of Directors of the Hassan II Foundation
· Granting customs facilities for the retired compatriots abroad
· Opening facilities for investment procedures
· Review of the religious and educational issues
· Opening of the Moroccan Centers (Dar Al Maghrib) abroad
· Implementing the ‘National Museum on Immigration’ project
· Review air and sea fares towards making them affordable to the community
· Intensified concerns with the poor among the Community, particularly those who are handicapped and illegal immigrants
· Making the diplomatic and consular administrations closer to the Community
· Closer attention to the women issues: divorce, citizenship, sexual exploitation

The MMDLA is open, based on its principles, to all suggestions that are likely to improve this modest platform; it is also open to all those who defend democracy as a means, as an end and as a principle at the same time.
We believe that democracy is defended by people who are democrats just like modernity is created by modernists and not the contrary.

On behalf of the civil society activists who are in favour of the Movement of Moroccan Democrats Living Abroad (MMDLA):
Jamal Eddine Ryane
+ 3165 905 9550

Amsterdam April 1st 2009